Basic Mathematics and Statistics

This course provides a solid foundation in the study of statistics and probability. It provides the necessary skills to perform advanced mathematical work. Students learn to apply their skills and knowledge in problem-solving, statistics, and population growth. This course is the foundation for many other math courses, including computer science and business administration. The goal of the course is to help students understand their own strengths and weaknesses in mathematics. This way, they will feel confident tackling difficult problems and develop a strong mathematical foundation.

The study of quantitative techniques focuses on the current state of basic mathematics and statistics training. It identifies areas of improvement and suggests ways to fill the gaps. Some departments have increased the amount of math required for bachelor’s degrees, increasing the gap between programs and departments and ensuring diversity. Other authors advocate for better use of graduate student time in basic mathematics and statistics. Some recommend that language requirements be removed and replaced with a secondary minor. These recommendations would not compromise other competencies.

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