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Our education helps us build a better world. Most people today live in a safe, prosperous, and secure world, and we are making great progress in the last decades. Our educational institutions foster critical thinking, social attitudes, and civic attitudes. In today’s society, young people are negotiating tough issues like climate change, inequality, job insecurity, and governance. A better education prepares these young people for this task. It can help them make wise choices and make a positive impact in their communities and the world.

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If you are not sure about the benefits of education, you should consider reading the book Education For Better Life. It is an excellent resource for people who wish to return to school, improve their jobs, or start a business. It can even help those with disabilities. There are many reasons to go back to school, but the most important one is to make yourself more knowledgeable. There are several books to choose from, but this one is a must-read.



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An Education Portal is a private or public gateway to educational resources. It is typically divided into two categories: instructional and educational resource portals. This article will discuss the differences between each of these categories. Here we’ll discuss the basic components of an education-focused portal. Using a web-based portal can benefit students in a number of ways, from helping them find relevant information to connecting them to teachers who can provide individualized support.

The primary function of an education portal is to provide access to external Web pages and sites. It may also include unique tools and articles. It may also contain a community discussion board or tools to create teaching resources. You can also find information about your overall attendance and class participation. All these features will make it easier for you to monitor your child’s progress. However, if you’re considering a student portal, be sure to choose the best one for your needs.

An education portal has many benefits. For example, it allows you to share documents with your staff. It also offers secure document management. You can search for documents by title, author, relevant tags, and content topic. This makes it easier for staff to locate and review documents. All internal data is stored in one place, so staff members no longer need to rely on email and paper systems. Ultimately, it allows you to stay connected and involved in your child’s education.

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Learn Business Theory Fundamental

While it is possible to earn your MBA without learning business theory fundamentals, a degree in business is essential. The field of business is evolving rapidly and a degree in this field will help you stay up to date on changing business practices. In addition to the general knowledge required for an entry-level job, learning the principles of business can help you advance in your career. These courses will help you build the skills you need to understand organizations and manage projects.

By Mark Anthony

History of Education

The history of education in the United States dates from the 16th century. Since then, schools have altered their curriculum to best prepare students for the modern world. From the study of the family to the digital literacy of today, the school curriculum has changed. Learn about the changes in education throughout the centuries. In this short introduction, we’ll look at how education has evolved throughout time. We’ll also learn about how we got to where we are today.

By Peter Parker

Basic Mathematics and Statistics

This course provides a solid foundation in the study of statistics and probability. It provides the necessary skills to perform advanced mathematical work. Students learn to apply their skills and knowledge in problem-solving, statistics, and population growth. This course is the foundation for many other math courses, including computer science and business administration. The goal of the course is to help students understand their own strengths and weaknesses in mathematics. This way, they will feel confident tackling difficult problems and develop a strong mathematical foundation.

By Alon Musk


Primary Students Orientation 2021

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Admission Open for Management 2021

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